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A major kink/fetish shamer and throws tantrums like a child and yet she's 21. :slow: She throws fits and even sends death threats if you even tell her to calm down. No joke. I think she's the new female Chris-chan.

UPDATE: So I found out she is a lolcow and is a hypocrite. She goes around shaming furries for being furries, even those that don't do fetish art. But she has a cuntboner for Jeff the Killer (who's 13 FYI) and some ugly goblin from the Powerpuff Girls that I also heard is under 18. :slow: So yeah, she's a pedophile. 

ANOTHER UPDATE: Wow, gonna be 22 years old and she still throws tantrums like a two-year old. Also death threats are illegal even towards minors, FYI. :slow: Not like you're threatening yourself. :giggle:

Link back to this all you want, Kel. Nobody is gonna take you seriously if you keep threatening a teenager with death.
I've made my decision: I will be making a 3rd new tumblr blog. Fuck the SJWs and the tumblrtwats. I'll just flame back. 

However when I'm finished setting it all up, I won't be announcing it publicly. If you want to follow me, let me know and I will note you my new tumblr.
Oh wow
@Inky-Shade because this is at you too. Love ya.

So a fellow sane member and I call this immature woman (yes woman, because she's in her 20's) out for being illogical because she just can't handle being on the internet and then hopes for death on us as she blocks us. This isn't the first time idiot adults who claim to have autism wish death on me but wow, this bitch needs to have her computer taken away from her. 

I have heard of her reputation too. She sends death threats against anyone who even gives her the gentlest of criticism, telling her she needs to grow up.  

Also, it's funny that a grown-ass woman is bawwwing because a teenager is "making fun of her". :slow: 

See, this is why autism is given a bad rep thanks to lolcows like her and Chris-chan. Thanks for making people hate autism because you cry when no one wants to amuse you and give you asspats. Where are your parents?
Holy shit it's been one year already? I'm so happy. I'm happier than a motherfucker. (and I've yet to have been banned for being brutally TRUE and HONEST) :slow: 

Anyone that gives a fuck or isn't a ghost account: thank you for all the support. :wave::heart:


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Slaweel the Witch
I'm a wicked witch against true love for manchildren and cock-blocking them from finding China and keeping them as virgins with rage.




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Fuck off, dickface.
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Yeah sure thing, faggot. :slow:
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foxythehero Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Student Artist
Sorry for stealing your art. I didn't know it was yours.
Slaweel Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
That wasn't mine, dumbass.
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Sorry, I realized that earlier.
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Slaweel Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
Just spamming my own page. Doo do doo do do.
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